Milliy Tiklanish Democratic Party of Uzbekistan

 Milly Tiklanish (National Revival) Democratic Party of Uzbekistan was created on June 20, 2008, by a decision of the Joint Congress on the basis of confluence of Milly Tiklanish Democratic Party of Uzbekistan and Fidokorlar National Democratic Party.

Сurrently, the party has more than 1,9 thousand members, while the number of primary party organizations is 5,578.

Main objectives of Milliy Tiklanish DPU are:

– creating favorable conditions for the growth of national consciousness, formation and consolidation of the sense of national pride, devotion and love for the country among the citizens of Uzbekistan;

– uniting patriots of the country around the party, mobilization of their intellectual and creative potential for serving Uzbekistan and in raising the nation’s international prestige;

– making effective contribution to the patriotic education of the younger generation in the spirit of respect, love and pride for Motherland, of readiness in any circumstances to protect and defend the national independence, values, traditions and customs of the people, counter attempts of infringement on its spiritual needs and interests.

The supreme body of the party is the Congress that convenes no less than once in five years. The party publication is the socio-political newspaper “Milly Tiklanish”.

The official website and Email of the party:,